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Nok The Robot!

Welcome to the home of Nok The Robot. Nok is a handmade, all-natural wooden robot toy. Fully CE tested and suitable for any age.

Nok is very proud to be a wooden toy that is sustainable, natural and NOT PLASTIC! Nok will last for years if not generations if looked after well and can be handed down through the family. A great companion, listener and of course, a friend who always loves to play games.

Nok The Wooden Robot can be customised with different painted buttons or even glow in the dark ones for those that like night time adventures or need a friendly pal in the dark!

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All Natural Wooden Robot Toy With The Environment In Mind

From our very first prototype of our wooden robot friend, we always wanted to ensure Nok was made with the environment in mind and to keep things as natural as possible.


Nok is 100% plastic-free, we don't use any plastic in the making of our wooden robot toy.


Nok the robot may be handmade, but we pride ourselves on using quality materials and ensuring each robot is made with care and love.

Responsibly-Sourced Wood

We will only buy wood from suppliers that responsibly source the timber and are FSC® certified

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Nok is more than happy being involved in children’s adventures or sat on adults desks. Nok is for everyone, big kids included!

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Nok The Wooden Robot


Nok, The Wooden Robot Toy, is made handmade in the UK from solid Oak hardwood. This Wooden toy is excellent for children of all ages and adults alike! Nok is fully CE tested under the Toy Safety Directive meaning he is suitable for any age. Standing at around 13cm tall, Nok is great to handle. We treat Nok with a natural beeswax finish which brings out the beautiful Oak grain and will give some protection.

Each Nok is individually handmade in Cornwall and when finished comes either plain (beeswax finish only) or has painted buttons of varying colours which you can choose. For a super special Nok, you can choose to have glow in the dark buttons!

Free postage for all UK orders

If you have any questions before ordering please do get in touch

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Nok The Wooden Robot

Handmade from solid Oak hardwood with natural hemp cord. We created Nok with the environment in mind. We have tried to keep Nok as natural as possible with natural sustainable wood, natural cord, beeswax wood sealer and toy safe paint.

Are you looking to reduce your plastic use? By something non-plastic that is going to last a long time. Nok could even be passed down the generations if looked after. Being wood Nok is also biodegradable!

Nok stands at around 13cm tall so is perfect for those little hands, although Nok is quite happy being looked after by adults too! Nok The Robot would also make an ideal Waldorf toy due to the materials and natural creation. Nok is a great wooden toy for anyone! Nok will listen to your worries and stories, loves playing hide and seek and will look after you in the dark with glow in the dark buttons.

Nok is super clever, so will happily sit on your desk and help you out when needed. Everyone needs a Nok in their life, get yours today!


The Important Stuff

CE Certified Nok The Robot is fully CE tested and certified suitable for any age.
Do not submerge in liquid, untie, cut or remove the cord. Nok is intended to remain in one piece as originally made. Nok can be wiped clean using a damp cloth and water. Remove Nok from all packaging before giving to your child.

Additional information

Button Colour

Tri-Colour, Plain (no paint, just waxed), Glow In The Dark, Aqua, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red

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Beautiful work.
So cute!!
Lovely toy!!!
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