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Who Makes Nok The Robot?

Nok the robot is handmade in Redruth, Cornwall by Gavin Pedley and is loved by his children and wife. Nok is such a cute little robot, and almost anyone can fall in love with him.

Nok really came along by accident from Gavin exploring his creative side. After being made redundant in 2018 and feeling a little lost in the world, Gavin followed what he knew, which is website design and management. He now manages many business’s websites for them through his company ThriveWP

However, being surrounded by creativity for years in his wife Sarah who makes anything from handbags to wooden house displays, it finally started to rub off, and Gavin wanted to explore more. After coming across some DIY wood toy ideas, Gavin began to experiment and soon had a little woodworking corner. 

This gradually turned into the first Nok prototype, which was a little messy, to say the least, but the beginnings of Nok The Robot could be seen. 

Why the name NOK?

Nok actually went through a few names from Robbie to Rex, Edd and Eric. The name Nok came from our son’s school reading books which have a little alien character called Nok in them. One evening while reading with him, we thought that’s it! Nok the perfect name for our little robot!

Gavin being a perfectionist then set out, sourcing the best materials and tested Nok thoroughly to ensure he was not only great fun and cute but also robust and safe. This resulted in Nok being fully CE compliant, and Gavin began selling Nok here on this site which he also created.

The Pedley household is awash with creativity most days, but great fun if not a little crazy!

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