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Nok The Robot stands around 15cm tal from head to toe.

The glow in the dark Nok has three buttons that have specia glow in the dark paint in. The glow times very much depends on the charge time and type of light charging it. Sunlight and UV light are the best but a tourch can do ok as well. The glow will last up to 24 hours however the strongest glow will be seen upto 4-8 hours again depending on the charge. 

No. Nok The Robot is not waterproof. We do treat him with a beeswax finish which condictions the wood, adds some protection and does offer a little water resistance but he is not intended to be put in water or getten wet. He will withstand a little splash of rain just fine just he his much happier kept dry.

Each and every Nok The Robot is individualy handmade by us, we try to keep stock as best we can but at busy times of the year we may be making to order so please to allow 2-5 days but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a question or would like and order update.

We have tried our best to keep Nok as natural as possible. Nok is make from solid hardwood Oak and his arms and legs are made from hemp cord. 

Both the button paint and glow in the dark paint are certified toy safe and he is treaded with a natural beeswax finish.

If you want a Nok that is not painted or treated with wax we can do this but please contact us first.

Currently we are only posting Nok The Robot within the UK. Postage within the UK is free! We will be looking to expand on where we send Nok in the future.